US New Gigantic Helicopter Is finally Ready For Action!

This bulletproof giant is capable of carrying an entire platoon of armed paratroopers. Not a single enemy base can withstand its assault, for it is a true terminator among helicopters! Its specially designed composite armor makes it impenetrable! Many consider it to be the most powerful transport helicopter, thanks to its three deadly onboard miniguns. A third engine was installed on the aircraft, but this revolutionary addition ultimately became more of a hindrance than an advantage. 

This beast struck fear not only into the hearts of its enemies, but even its own crew. While onboard, soldiers would tease other by saying things like, “This is the last flight of your life”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke. 

Just one hour on this monster costs $20,000. That’s more than you would pay to fly around the world! The creation of such a giant was no accident. Large aircraft did exist before it was invented, some were even capable of carrying up to 20 people, but all of them were outdated and emerging enemy technology meant that a more modern transport aircraft was needed. In October of 1967, the US Marine Corps set out to create a vehicle with a payload capacity almost double that of any existing helicopter at the time - 35,000 pounds! That’s more than the capacity of any truck! The aircraft also had to be capable of landing on warships with infantry inside!

The Sikorsky Aircraft company, which was already working on improving its legendary CH-53D, immediately answered the call.

The new invention was to receive a third turboshaft engine, a more powerful main rotor system, modern electronics, and additional weapons. Other companies could only dream of such a thing at the time! Sikorsky pitched his design to the Marines under the S-80 designation. They liked the idea as it promised to provide exactly the kind of helicopter they were looking for, so they funded the development of a test helicopter. Little did they know that they were creating the coolest helicopter in history! The company was plagued by big problems from the project’s outset, plus, they were facing some stiff competition...

The Boeing company was simultaneously creating its own version of a cargo helicopter called the Vertol XCH-62. As you can imagine, such a large manufacturer with an abundance of funding and resources had a huge advantage over its smaller competitor. The US Secretary of Defense himself even tried to prevent Sikorsky from developing their aircraft, demanding that only Boeing’s option be considered. However, brave navy sailors came to the rescue, showing that the army helicopter was too big to be used on landing ships, thereby carving out a space for the budding underdog to complete their project. The design team faced another problem in providing reliable, yet light protection, because previous vehicles had been easy targets even for large-caliber small arms, making them far from a reliable or safe means of transport. A uniquely developed titanium alloy was chosen as the material for the skin. A similar concept was being produced for the Blackbird - go take a look if you're interested! This alloy allows the helicopter to defend itself against machine guns, shrapnel, and even some missiles and projectiles. The cabin and luggage compartment also had to be carefully designed. The helicopter was made to be completely closed on all sides, and bulletproof glass was installed to protect the pilot. Once all the problems had been solved, the CH-53E Super Stallion took to the air for the first time and created quite a stir!

Its enormous size was stunning.

It was big, to put it mildly…we’re talking downright HUGE! In fact, it was a full-fledged flying truck! The only helicopter in the world capable of lifting heavy equipment. Its total carrying capacity comes close to 16 tons. They once managed to load an eight-wheeled LAV-25 and a 155-mm M198 with ammunition and personnel into it! Let me remind you that up to that point only airplanes, which are much less convenient to operate, had been used for such purposes. And if you need to transport troops - no problem. The Super Stallion can 64 armed fighters at once!

Thanks to its third motor, the helicopter is much more powerful than any of its predecessors, capable of reaching speeds of up to 190 miles per hour and climbing to a height of 20,000 feet! It is quite a strange experience to see such a giant at such a high speed in the air. Its flight range is just as impressive, capable of flying up to 620 miles on a full tank! But that’s not all! The helicopter is equipped with a retractable refueling unit, and as long as there is a tanker aircraft nearby, its journey can extend around the world! This giant is armed with three six-barreled minigun-type machine guns, which could riddle any enemy aircraft, tank, or fortified position. For special situations, instead of heat traps, the CH-53E also has a flare firing system that can also be used for missile defense.

This truly is a monster among helicopters… You would think it would be the perfect weapon for the US Army. But of course, this beast is not without its problems, and they have had serious consequences. For starters, the third engine, which was installed for the sake of increased power, proved to be unreliable and often failed in mid flight. Throughout its operational lifespan, it has experienced 16 disastrous fires. All of them were in one way or another connected to this third engine. Reports blamed these incidents on crews not adhering to safety regulations, but an investigation confirmed that no design changes had been made. As a result, the Super Stallion became the most wrecked helicopter in US history... Of course, the Navy has requested an improved version of the helicopter many times.

One of these was an upgraded MH-53E under the nickname “Sea Dragon”.

This helicopter has larger fuel tanks, and therefore a significantly increased flight range.

The Sea Dragon is mainly intended for towing a variety of equipment, as well as for detecting and destroying sea mines via detonation.

Its improved digital system also allows for more comfortable flight control. The Japanese government liked this version so much that the island nation immediately purchased 11 dragons for its naval forces. But the US President kept the Stallion in his favorites. The head of state liked it so much that he wanted to own one for himself. This version was called the BX-53F. It was supposed to be somewhat of a small private air fortress, but in the end the idea of creating a new model was abandoned in favor of simply using the models currently in service. The Stallion and the Sea Dragon are the largest helicopters in the western world. They have earned incredible popularity and have performed above and beyond expectations. 

Roughly 180 of these helicopters are still in service with the Marine Corps, but time is taking its toll. It has been reported that every hour of flight requires 40 hours of maintenance thanks to aging parts, a lack of available spare parts, and an increase in the overall service life of the mechanisms. With high fuel consumption and all of these flaws taken into account, it is estimated that just one flight hour costs about 20,000 dollars! Given numbers like that, it’s obvious that a new helicopter is needed to replace the old ones. And that is exactly what is being developed right now! An updated version of the CH-53K will be even larger than its predecessors. 

This giant will receive a huge number of changes to its technology and hardware. Firstly, it will have a new viewing system with night vision and an infrared thermal imager for effective operation at any time of day! Redesigned and reinforced engines will not only eliminate the constant threat of fire, but also allow the helicopter to accelerate to 236 miles per hour! And of course, the improved GAU-21/A and M3P large-caliber machine guns will add even more power to an already intimidating machine! This beauty will be in service for at least ten years, and of course, it will proudly bear the honor and glory of being the largest helicopter in the world! 

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