U.S. Navy launches latest AQM-37 hypersonic target

The U.S. Navy announced the purchase of 2 AQM-37 hypersonic targets, which will be used in exercises that simulate drones and high-speed missiles.

According to The Drive, the last time targets were launched was September 22, 2022.They were then hit by U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper fighter jets.The target exercise took place in the White Sands Range in New Mexico.

Target simulation of high-speed cruise missiles and drones allows pilots and missile defense specialists to hone their skills in destroying fast-moving targets.

According to The Drive, these targets are useful when testing different types of missiles. So, with the help of targets, the capabilities of the AIM-9 Sidewinder and RIM-7 Sea Sparrow were tested. In addition, the targets are used to test the combat capabilities of the Aegis missile defense system.

Recall that such goals have been produced by the American military industry with various modifications for a very long time. The launch took place in 1961.Since then, more than 5,000 goals have been released.In addition to the U.S. military, they are used by the armies and navies of several U.S. allies, including Britain, Israel, and Italy. Now, the U.S. military will have to decide which targets will replace the AQM-37 in subsequent exercises and exercises.In any case, 60 years of using this type of target for the US military has not been in vain, and this is also recognized by many military experts.

Earlier, the US Department of Defense successfully tested components of hypersonic weapons.According to Reuters, the U.S. Navy and Army launched a missile from a coastal launch site in Virginia to conduct about 10 experiments on hypersonic weapons on Oct. 26, helping to develop a new class of weapons.The test process evaluated the guidance and communication equipment of hypersonic weapons, as well as the "finished materials" that are heat resistant in the "actual hypersonic environment"

Washington is deploying a number of hypersonic weapons programs.The HACM (Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile) will be available to the U.S. Air Force as early as 2027.

Hypersonic cruise missiles launched from the air are capable of accelerating up to 6,000 km/h in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

It is not clear what the range is, but the Americans insist that on this indicator they will surpass the longest-range air defense systems available from Russia and China.

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