The Army of US Most Advanced Fighter Jets Is Ready For Action

The Army of US Most Advanced Fighter Jets Is Ready For Action

Military technology development constantly requires engineers to push the boundaries of their capabilities. China and Japan are already preparing their incredible aircraft, but the US is still in the lead so far.

From the grave to the skies, the US can now raise thousands of fighter jets from the dead; each of them wielding advanced technology that even the F-35 Lightning II lacks. This technology would make these fighter jets fly without a pilot in the cockpit but rather via remote control. Of the possible thousands of fighters to be resurrected, one stands out – a fighter that protected the US before the F-35 and the F-22 Raptor, a fighter known as the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. A revolutionary fighter, the F-16 was the first fighter to feature a fly-by-wire system, the first fighter purpose-built to pull 9-g maneuvers, among other firsts. And now it’s back in the spotlight, more lethal than ever and like a drone with no pilot to lose, more daring than ever. These and more are what to expect from a resurrected army of F-16 drones.

Their new fighter can destroy the enemy before they even know what’s going on. In response to enemy missiles, it can create a hundred holograms and release drones that create electromagnetic waves that disable all electronics while other kamikaze drones attack the enemy like a meteor shower!

Even laser weapons capable of splitting the thickest armor can’t do anything to this aircraft thanks to its unique defense system! Pilots were already saying that the plane felt like an extension of their bodies, but now they’ll be in even closer contact…

Just imagine; this new invention will be able to read minds, and possibly replace the pilot entirely!

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