Xiaomi TV A2 43 inch and 32 inch launched with an instant discount of 2 million to satisfy the entertainment needs of users

From September 9, 2022 to September 18, 2022, users can own 02 latest versions of Xiaomi TV A2 for only 4 to 6 million VND.

Xiaomi has officially launched two new sizes - 43 inches and 32 inches for the Xiaomi TV A2 series in Vietnam market. Following the success with the previous product's sales of 10,000 units, Xiaomi continues to meet the increasingly upgraded home entertainment needs of users with these two new versions.

The 43-inch and 32-inch Xiaomi TV A2 duo are likened to the control center of the house with the ability to fully connect AIoT devices fully automatically by voice alone, possessing high-end specifications for the hardware. audio and visual, as well as access and integration of all the latest content from around the world.

With a more compact size, the 32-inch and 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 is perfectly suited for modern families looking for the ultimate entertainment experience in their own home.

The Xiaomi TV A2 series is housed in a monolithic metal frame and is firmly supported by a sturdy double stand, creating a stylish and sophisticated borderless design.

The 32-inch Xiaomi TV A2 boasts an HD display that delivers the most realistic depth and color. The 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 is equipped with an impressive smart FHD screen, providing an immersive viewing experience and epic vision.

With the TV's ultra-wide viewing angle - 178 degrees, users will not be afraid to miss any detail on the screen. The two new versions are also equipped with high-quality multi-dimensional surround sound from Dolby Audio™ and DTS®Virtual:X that will help users enjoy and immerse themselves in endless entertainment.

Google Assistant is built-in on 32-inch and 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2s, supporting users to voice control to automate pre-connected AIoT devices.

The 360° Bluetooth remote also makes it easier to access the device from any angle. With the Android TV™ system, users get instant access to movies and shows on Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and thousands of other apps via Google Play.

This TV also has Chromecast, a built-in tool that helps users stream content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to the TV.

Especially, from September 9, 2022 to September 18, 2022, Xiaomi TV A2 with 2 new versions will have an extremely preferential price of 5,990,000 VND for 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 and 3,990,000 VND for 32-inch Xiaomi TV A2 .

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