Securities Week 29-31/2022: Cautiousness returns

Securities Week 29-31/2022: Cautiousness returns

VN-Index had a cautious trading week with a slight decrease of 2.06 points. Foreign investors continued to remain net sellers on both exchanges in the past week.

If this situation continues in the near future, the risk of decline will increase.


Trading: In the last session of the week, VN-Index increased slightly by 1.12 points, ending the session at 1,280.51 points; HNX-Index fell 1.94 points, stopping at 291.92 points.

For the whole week, VN-Index dropped 2.06 points (-0.16%); HNX-Index dropped 7.58 points (-2.53%).

The average matching volume on HOSE was nearly 577 million shares/session, up 3.58% compared to the previous trading week. The HNX averaged nearly 87 million shares/session, down 2.07% compared to the previous trading week.

The stock market showed signs of caution again before the holiday. In the first trading session of the week, the world stock market dropped sharply, negatively affecting investor sentiment, making the VN-Index also plummeted by nearly 12 points.

In the following sessions, the index gained slightly again, but the gain was not large. Besides, the trading volume also decreased significantly. At the end of the week, VN-Index lost a total of 12.06 points, stopping at 1,280.51 points.

In terms of influence, VCB (HM:VCB), GVR (HM:GVR), GAS (HM:GAS), MSN (HM:MSN) and VHM (HM:VHM) are the codes with the most positive impact in the market. last week. VCB alone contributed nearly 2 points to the VN-Index.

On the other side, VIC (HM:VIC), VNM (HM:VNM), HPG (HM:HPG) and NVL (HM:NVL) are the stocks with the most negative impact on this index.

Regarding the industry group, plastic - chemical production is one of the most active trading sectors. Fertilizer stocks extended their increasing chain as they continued to have a good week of gains. In which, DCM (HM:DCM) and DPM (HM:DPM) both increased strongly by nearly 6%, BFC (HM:BFC) and LAS (HN:LAS) showed positive green color. Along with that, rubber stocks also traded impressively when the big man GVR surged 3.74%, DPR (HM:DPR) climbed 3.84%, PHR (HM:PHR) increased by 1.73%.

According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, in the first 7 months of 2022, Vietnam's rubber exports to Turkey reached 20.03 thousand tons, worth 37.04 million USD, up 9.9% in volume and 8.6% in value. price compared to the same period in 2021.

The above information had a positive impact on the gain of this group of stocks.

Meanwhile, the real estate industry was relatively bleak. Industrial park real estate stocks showed signs of profit taking after the previous good gain. IDC (HN:IDC) fell 5.32%, KBC (HM:KBC) plunged 6.22%, ITA (HM:ITA) plummeted 10.94%...

Foreign investors net sold nearly 574 billion dong on both exchanges. Foreign investors net sold nearly 563 billion dong on HOSE and net sold nearly 11 billion dong on HNX.

Typical gainers in the past week are PTL and CKG

PTL increased by 22.26%: At the beginning of August, business leaders also announced the implementation of the plan to issue 100 million shares separately at the price of 10,000 VND/share. Charter capital is expected to increase from VND 1,000 billion to VND 2,000 billion.

The company wants to raise 1,000 billion dong to contribute capital to its subsidiary (700 billion dong), expand its land bank (250 billion dong) and supplement working capital (50 billion dong).

The share price also continued to increase sharply. In the past week, PTL continued to climb up by more than 22%, temporarily stopping at 8,240 dong/share.

CKG increased by 9.55%: Kien Giang Construction Investment Consulting Group JSC (HOSE: CKG) had an active trading week when it increased sharply by nearly 10%.

The trading volume also increased strongly and surpassed the recent 20-day average, showing that the cash flow is supporting the uptrend of this stock.

The stock that has fallen sharply in the past week is ITA

ITA down 10.94%: Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Ho Chi Minh City (HOSE) announced the handling of violations for shares of Tan Tao Investment and Industry Joint Stock Company (HOSE: ITA).

Accordingly, from September 6, ITA shares will be put under warning because the listed organization violates the regulations on information disclosure 4 or more times within 1 year, in the case of securities being warned.

under the provisions of Clause 1, Article 37 of the Regulation on Listing and Trading of Listed Securities issued under Decision No. 17/QD-HDTV dated March 31, 2022 of the Members' Council of the Stock Exchange of Vietnam. In the past week, ITA's share price dropped by nearly 11% to 7,000 VND/share.


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