Samsung is being sued for leaking data

Samsung is accused of failing to fulfill its obligations, causing user data to be leaked.

Recently, Samsung announced the data leak problem on the company's official website, although the incident was discovered from August 2022.

The company said it sent emails directly to those affected by the attack, but did not say exactly which products or services were compromised.

Samsung is being sued by class for leaking data - 1

Statistics show that about 3,000 users in the US have been affected by this attack.

According to Bloomberg, a class-action complaint has now been filed with the US District Court of Nevada, accusing Samsung of failing to fulfill its obligations and allowing third parties to illegally access and steal information in the system. , including name, date of birth, product information...

After the data breach at Samsung Electronics (USA), the company hired a leading cybersecurity company to launch the investigation and contact law enforcement agencies.

This is not the first time Samsung has suffered a cyber attack. In March 2021, the Lapsus$ hacker group successfully gained unauthorized access to the system and stole 190GB of data, including Samsung's secret source code.

Over the past week, many popular services have been hacked and leaked data, such as LastPass, Plex, DoorDash and most recently Samsung.

Recently, Samsung has officially announced on the company's website about a cybersecurity incident, affecting some users in the US.

Accordingly, a third party illegally accessed the company's system in the US at the end of July, stealing user data, including contact information, demographics, date of birth, registration information. products… However, the attack did not leak social security numbers or credit or debit card numbers.

Samsung sent direct emails to those affected by the attack, but the company did not say exactly which products or services were compromised.

The breach occurred at Samsung Electronics (USA), the company said it regrets this inconvenience, and is committed to working with leading industry experts to further improve system security.

It's not clear why Samsung waited a whole month to announce the data breach, although the company may have emailed some affected customers.

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