On hand OPPO Pad Air: Exquisite design, good performance Snapdragon 680 and strong battery

Up to the present time, the tablet market is no longer a separate playground for Apple - iPad, because of the strong rise of devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, .. and OPPO. After many days of waiting, OPPO also officially introduced to users OPPO Pad Air with a pretty design and pretty good configuration with Snapdragon 680.

Without letting you wait any longer, join us on OPPO Pad Air to see the device. Is there anything attractive about this?

Open the OPPO Pad Air box to see what's inside!

The design overview of the OPPO Pad Air case is quite simple with white as the main color. The front is an extremely large printed OPPO Pad Air image occupying a left corner of the case and the right part when the word Pad is quite large in the top corner.

The back of the device is quite complete with the basic parameters of the device, helping users to know what the device they buy will be attractive.

On hand OPPO Pad Air

The case design of OPPO Pad is simple and intuitive.

Inside the box is equipped with quite a lot of accessories for users, including: User manual, charger, USB Type-C charging cable and of course, indispensable OPPO Pad Air.

Full accessories are available, so as soon as you open the box, users can completely use the device right away if they want the best experience, everyone can equip with a free leather case, case and stylus. included when pre-ordered.

Finally, our main character OPPo Pad Air.

On hand, OPPO Pad Air has a delicate and outstanding design

The first is the design of OPPO Pad Air which looks quite simple and elegant with familiar close lines. The device has a back divided into two parts in the ratio of 8: 2 and is made of rough texture to reduce the situation of sweat and fingerprints.

The right part is made of a familiar rough texture with the OPPO logo in the middle five positions. The left part is made in a striped pattern that looks quite unique with a single 8 MP camera in the top corner.

On hand OPPO Pad Air

The design of OPPO Pad Air is quite eye-catching on the back.

On hand OPPO Pad Air

With the back divided into two parts, the left side has eye-catching ridges and a single camera.

Regarding specific dimensions, OPPO Pad Air has a height of 245.08 mm, a width of 154.84 mm, a thickness of 6.94 mm and a weight of 440 g.

Sharing a bit about the process of using this tablet, I feel very good, although I have held it for a long time without feeling tired at all.

On hand OPPO Pad Air

Experience holding OPPO Pad Air is quite good for a long time.

As for the screen, OPPO Pad Air owns a 10.36-inch IPS LCD panel with 2K resolution. Although the device only owns an IPS LCD panel, but through the process of using this tablet, it must be recognized that its display ability is really good in this price range.

The screen brightness is just enough for outdoor use with the ability to reproduce sharp details and true colors. Especially when playing entertaining games, watching movies on this tablet is extremely 'high' thanks to the large screen.

On hand OPPO Pad Air

OPPO Pad Air owns a large screen for an extremely high experience.

In addition, OPPO Pad Air also owns an extremely high quality 1 W symmetrical stereo speaker system with Dolby Atmos technology to give you a realistic sound experience.

On hand OPPO Pad Air

In addition, OPPO Pad Air also owns a very high quality sound system.

To have a better overview of OPPO Pad Air, please take a look at the detailed angles on the tablet.

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