Masteri West Heights - A bright spot in the thirst for high-end real estate

Located in the "center of the center" location, Masteri West Heights takes full advantage of its golden location connecting to super infrastructure, a "luxurious" panorama view and an international standard living environment.

The project also owns a series of privileged utilities, affirming the position of the most luxurious real estate product in the West of Hanoi market.

The center of wealth – ready to connect

Masteri West Heights inherits the advantage of "the center of the center" in the Vinhomes Smart City mega-urban, which is highly appreciated for its methodical infrastructure planning, full of amenities for a modern, balanced and enveloping life.

with many layers of interwoven utilities, sufficient for all life needs. Belonging to the new administrative-economic center of the Capital, Masteri West Heights stands out as a different destination, away from the crowded, cramped, polluted areas caused by rapid urbanization and infrastructure. limited floor in the old urban core area.

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The diamond position is a guarantee for the potential of Masteri West Heights to increase in the future

Masteri West Heights possesses the ability to quickly connect to the arterial roads, as well as a variety of exterior utilities of Vinhomes Smart City including: Aeon Mall, National Convention Center, Hong General Hospital Ngoc, University of Commerce, etc.

Notably, this location is also adjacent to 3 Metro urban railway lines 5,6,7, becoming a plus point to ensure the potential for price increase of Masteri West Heights in the future. CBRE's research shows that housing projects located near the public transport system often have a selling price higher than the common ground by up to 25%.

Notably, Vinhomes Smart City is becoming a settlement destination for a community of more than 20,000 residents from 20 countries and territories.

This means that when owning an apartment at Masteri West Heights, future owners also have a "passport" that elevates the living experience, the focus of the elite - multicultural community from all over the world. places in the world.

The “golden guarantees” for the value of Masteri West Heights

Nhat near-sighted, second near-jiang, and three near-road are not only oral experiences of the ancients, but until now, these are still one of the factors that help increase real estate value.

According to a report by Knight Frank, waterfront real estate globally is currently about 40% more expensive on average than products of the same size, utilities, and construction quality. Also according to a report by RLA - a global consulting firm, home buyers are willing to pay a price up to 20% higher for projects located near large parks.

From there, it is easy to understand why Masteri West Heights has a big plus for the value of the apartment when it is located next to the lake and the park in the center of Vinhomes Smart City.

Masteri West Heights - A bright spot in the thirst for high-end real estate - 2

The "excellent" view from the living room of the Masteri West Heights apartment (perspective)

In addition to the potential upside, Masteri West Heights is also quickly catching the eye of connoisseurs by enhancing the living experience by taking full advantage of this "diamond" location. Every morning waking up, residents can zoom out to the central lake of 4.8 hectares with white sand stretching, capturing the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Moreover, with just a few steps, Masteri West Heights residents can access not only 1 but 3 great parks in the whole urban area: Central Park; Sportia Park Sports Park; Zen Park Japan with a scale of 6.1 ha. Each park is designed in a unique style, providing residents with a wide range of options for physical activity, relaxation as well as entertainment.

The lake and 3 continuous parks are just 2 of the diverse pieces of the common utility class that Masteri West Heights residents enjoy in the metropolis. The huge utility system that residents enjoy also includes a BBQ garden, basketball and tennis sports courts, Vinmec international general hospital and Vinschool inter-school system,... entertainment, eating, training, health care and learning needs of residents.

Besides the common utility class of the whole area is a collection of 22 exclusive utilities only for Masteri West Heights residents. Now, without traveling to Europe, Masteri West Heights residents can still experience relaxing amenities that are "tailored" for each international wellness standard need. After a tiring day, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll in the green garden, listening to the murmuring water from the light waterfall or balancing your body at the outdoor meditation & yoga yard.

In addition, real estate developer Masterise Homes and its international partners also tailor unique experiences to help Masteri West Heights residents "charge" their minds as well as their bodies with a rooftop swimming pool. Panoramic view of each tower with 5-star standard space…

Masteri West Heights - A bright spot in the thirst for high-end real estate - 3

Just immersed in the cool water of the swimming pool

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