iPhone 14 Plus - Apple's turn to success

The fancy Dynamic Island can make many people talk about iPhone 14 Pro but forget a very remarkable name that is iPhone 14 Plus.

Forgetting the iPhone 14 Plus is really a mistake. This smartphone may not have a triple camera cluster or full of features to entice people to buy a new iPhone, but it is worth pondering.

Perfect spin

A shopping trend has changed as 2022 becomes the year of the big phone. The iPhone 14 comes in only two screen sizes, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, with the latter option being borrowed from the iPhone 14 Pro Max to give users a larger choice of display size. broader information but more attractive prices.

That seemed like a perfect spin for Apple. While the iPhone 13 mini has a certain appeal, the iPhone 14 Plus will attract more people.

The competitive price at $899 creates even more interest among users, especially when they can join the renewal program.

Gentle upgrade

Unlike Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, there's no way to tell this is an iPhone 14 Plus compared to an iPhone 13 Pro Max when viewed from the front.

The familiar notch remains for the TrueDepth camera system - the same things that remained on last year's high-end version.

That doesn't mean the display is bad either, especially since the Super Retina XDR OLED panel supports a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits. iPhone 14 Plus boasts the best battery life for an iPhone.

It also supports MagSafe or Lightning fast charging and even the chip inside is still A15 Bionic which is perfect enough for the phone to use for a long time.

Bye bye traditional SIM

In the US at least, Apple is pushing people to switch to eSIM by getting rid of the SIM tray altogether. That means users don't need to remove the SIM tray, insert an existing SIM, or purchase a SIM when roaming.

That's good for Apple. After all, this is much simpler. Even the eSIM conversion has been optimized by Apple when users want to switch between iPhone models.

A sensible update

It may be argued that Apple removed the SIM tray in favor of a more user-friendly technology, but Apple is a company that is willing to make the best of everything, so it has thought carefully. carefully before doing this.

Users will be satisfied with the iPhone 14 Plus thanks to a phone with a larger screen, a camera that is more reliable when it comes to low-light shooting.

iPhone 14 Plus offers a product that if you are a buyer, they think that the features on such a machine are enough.

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