iOS 16 on iPhone will send an alert to users when it detects AirPods "pha-ke"

Recently, fake AirPods have appeared on the market. This also significantly affects the sales of genuine AirPods products. Apple will soon launch iOS 16 with a feature to detect fake AirPods and send alerts to users.

iOS 16 can send an alert when it detects fake AirPods

The fake headset models have the same design, it can even automatically connect to the iPhone and some features are exactly like the original. But it seems Apple decided not to let fake headphones continue to be sold on the market anymore. According to 9to5Mac, Apple's release of iOS 16 RC on the developer version is the solution to this fake AirPods problem.

With the new update, iPhones and iPads will warn users when they pair fake AirPods. These headphones are not verified as genuine AirPods and will not work as expected.

Additionally, a "Learn More" button will redirect users to a support article on Apple's website detailing how to identify genuine AirPods. In the end, users only have the option “Do not connect”.

However, at least for now, there's no indication that Apple will block all of these AirPods from working with iPhones and iPads.

This feature will not affect the operation of third-party wireless headsets. It was developed to warn only fake AirPods. Let's wait until the release date of iOS 16 on September 12 to see how this feature works.

Also during the Far Out event, Apple introduced a new AirPods product, AirPods Pro 2, equipped with a new H2 chip with a high-bandwidth connection for outstanding sound quality.

In particular, the new active noise cancellation with "advanced computational sound" enables 2x noise cancellation. The new headphones also support the Personalized Spatial Audio feature for iOS 16 users.

The new capacitive layer allows for swipe control on the body of the headset. AirPods Pro 2 delivers up to 6 hours of listening time on a single charge, a 33% increase over the first-generation AirPods Pro. The charging case allows for 30 hours of calls and calls, an increase of 6 hours.

Accordingly, this headset has integrated U1 technology for the upgraded Find My feature to help users search easier. Besides Lightning, you can use the Apple Watch charger, MagSafe, or any Qi charger to charge the device. The price of AirPods Pro 2 is 249 USD (about 5.8 million VND).

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