Inspired by the TV that harmonizes any interior space

As industrialization is pervasive across industries, people appreciate values ​​that dare to differentiate themselves from the crowd. As a fashion designer whose reputation has reached the world level, Cong Tri certainly has his own creative principles.

Not surprisingly, his works have satisfied more than 200 major stars around the globe among countless other impressive designs. Bringing fashion to technology

It can be said that these principles have created a perfectionist Cong Tri, not only in fashion but also in life style. Thanks to that, when his "Unique Design - Sac Sac I" inspired by TV The Serif was born, people had the opportunity to talk more about the two words "personality".

The work in general can be considered as a delicate combination of fashion and technology, blending minimalist beauty into living space.

The designer born in 1978 has cleverly placed the I-pattern pattern parallel and throughout these unique designs. The design set with the main colors of Pink, Blue and White is skillfully handled with monochrome in the direction of continuous motion.

Monochrome means monochrome, just using different shades of the same color. Monochromatic design is a choice but letting monochrome harmonize with space is an art. If you choose monochrome to represent your image, it is the charisma and arrangement that will highlight the owner's personality, making them look more impressive.

The Serif inspires throughout "Unique Design - Sac Sac I" by designer Cong Tri.

When contemplating "Unique Design - Sac Sac I", viewers easily think of independent personalities in modern society, strong but still full of sophistication. To create the work, Cong Tri shared that he was inspired by the new color versions and the I-shaped edge design of The Serif.

“There are designs that when you approach and touch it, the originality seems to be sublimated by emotions and the desire to own, experience and enjoy… No matter where you put it, The Serif still shows. be civilized, harmonious, suitable for many different styles of interior. For Cong Tri, this is an art product of technology that deserves to be owned," he wrote on his personal page.

Unique design, First launched in 2016, The Serif is highly appreciated by experts for its distinctive design, blurring the gap between the TV and the furniture in the user's living space. Inspired by the "I" in a serif font, The Serif offers a seamless, complete 360-degree overall look with a slim, refined border.

The back of the machine is designed to hide the wire, specifically the wires will go through the groove and slot at the back of the back cover, fixed at the TV base before reaching the power outlet. This makes the product different from conventional TVs, which still have points to hide due to the pure design characteristics.

This year, 3 new product colors including White, Blue, Pink bring freshness to the living space. Because with these contemporary colors, it will be an interesting way for you to color your private corners, which seem difficult to change such as the bedroom, living room in the apartment.

In addition, this is also an important factor that contributes to creating emotional levels for viewers at certain times.

Combined with a minimalist design, The Serif easily blends into any architectural space. Streamlined and eye-catching, the product stimulates the user's vision, inspiring whether it is a new working day or a rare leisure time in the week.

The Serif has 3 new colors, with the same design to help highlight the user's personality.

While TVs are usually wall-mounted or placed on a shelf, The Serif users can place the device right in the middle of the room, on any flat surface at will. The Korean brand also offers a removable metal stand that makes it easy to move and install the TV in any room structure.

Imagine on a "day off" day and you want to enjoy your favorite content that you have not seen yet, this will be an attractive feature for users to "embrace" the TV from the living room, kitchen to the kitchen. bedroom.

It can be said that The Serif, with its continuous improvement over the generations, has brought a new experience to users pursuing a distinct lifestyle.

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